Whether it's an exercise routine or starting a journaling ritual every morning, new habits can be hard to build and even harder to maintain over time. Initial enthusiasm can only take you so far, and that's exactly where these apps become your digital cheerleaders and encourage you to stick with them.

1. Journy

There are various things that you could need to forge ahead. Journals can be used as a facilitator while building penchants, such as taking pills regularly, rehearsing, or following an eating routine. It can in like manner be used as an accessory for individuals who have memory issues. Concerning your obscenities, Journy can be a significant goal-following gadget or a splendid scratch pad to help you with getting free from indecencies like nail-biting and drinking alcohol, and incredibly further your abilities to date.

Journy resembles a game where you fight yourself. The obligation is to secure a long line of penchants you fight with by covering your goals. Extended should be as much as possible. It requires a couple of months to totally spread out another regular practice, surrender doesn't as well - it takes adventure and if you're dependable it will work; whether it requires some work.

Do you struggle with building good habits or maintaining a consistent set of healthy habits? These apps are designed to help you win in the long run!

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2. Avocation

Avocation is a cute little app that helps you create new habits (hopefully all good ones)! Let's say you want to develop a habit of drinking two liters of water a day, you can enter that goal. Tap the water icon every time you have a liter and it will mark the habit as half complete. The icons are customizable and the overall layout is visually appealing. In addition to allowing you to set these goals, Avocation also has mini-chapters on the science behind habits. These make for a quick, informative read and tell you why we need habits, how to create habit loops, and the potential challenges we might face along the way.

3. Dreamfora

Creating new habits and the associated tasks you need to do to get there are the basics this app covers. But what is more attractive is that it already comes with many pre-programmed routines that you can use immediately and can also be customized to your needs. For example, there is a routine called the "30-Day Social Media Detox." Here you will repeat three habits during the week - take a break from social media, enjoy a hobby without a screen and turn off phone notifications. Related tasks are finding a screen-free hobby you enjoy and tracking your social media time each day. These pre-programmed options already save you the mental burden of coming up with goals and tasks to help you reach them.

4. Loop Habit Tracker

Loop is the most straightforward and uncomplicated habit tracker you'll ever use. Create a habit, along with a question the app asks you every day. For example, “How many steps did you walk today?” You can set a timed reminder where the app will ask you this question, and long press to check the habit. It also shows you your best habits over time, so you stay motivated and on track.

5. Read more

This one is especially for the avid reader in you, or if you want to be on your way to becoming one! This exclusive reading habits tracker lets you add books manually, from Google, or by scanning a barcode. After adding it, you can choose which month you want to read it and also set a target date by which you want to finish the book. You can update your reading progress like on Goodreads, but what's really cool is that the app also gives you reading time, reading speed, and average reading pace. With the premium version, you can set a reading schedule for days ahead, which would be especially useful for getting an academic reading done.