If you struggle with maintaining the self-discipline to stick to your goals, a goal-setting app can help. Download one of these free goal-tracking apps for Android or iOS to stay accountable and track your habits almost anywhere.

1. Best for Tracking Anything You Want: Strides

Strides are one of the most powerful and easy-to-use goal-setting apps out there. You can set reminders so you never forget to maintain the daily habits that lead to greater success. Simply choose a goal (or use the suggested goal provided by the app), set a goal by entering a goal value or a specific date, and then enter the action you need to take to make it a habit.

The Strides app lets you track by day, week, month, year, or moving average. Your data is synced with your account, so you'll always see your latest stats whether you're accessing them from the web, mobile, or anywhere else.

2. Journy: Selfcare Day Planner

Journy focuses on providing support in creating healthy habits that enrich your life and promote well-being. Developed at Duke University's Behavioral Economics Lab, the app includes science-backed features that support goal planner success.

In this app, destinations are called "paths". There are pre-set paths (e.g. a health-oriented path). Getting into the habit of staying hydrated is the first step on your journey to health. The app then recommends other habits you can create, creating a chain.

Users can also set their own routes. They can assign smaller tasks that support them in achieving a larger goal.

Users can also choose reminder times for their habits. Next to each routine/habit is a timer that users must set. This is useful because we often lose track of time when we are engrossed in a task. A timer ensures that only the allotted time is spent working on a particular routine.

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3. Best Virtual Coach for Building Good Habits: Coach.me

Coach.me claims to be the leading habit-tracking app. It offers personalized coaching and leadership coaching as part of its services, in addition to its free mobile app.

The user interface is neat and beautiful to use. Simply choose a goal, track your progress, get rewards for sticking to it, and take advantage of the community aspect by getting involved and asking questions. If you end up loving it, you can hire a real trainer for just $15.

4. Best for Tracking Time You Spend on Your Goals: ATracker

ATracker offers more information about how you spend your time. For repetitive routines like getting ready in the morning, commuting, answering emails, studying, watching TV, spending time online, and other routine tasks, it can help you manage it all so you don't overdo the bad things.

Once you start tracking your time for your daily habits, you'll see a nice breakdown of it in a pie chart. You can also get a bigger picture by looking at your breakdown for the last week, last month, or other preset ranges.

5. Best App for Gamifying Your Life: Habitica

If you're a fan of video games and want to set realistic goals, you might like Habitica. It's a goal-setting app that tries to complicate your life. It offers in-game rewards and punishments as a form of motivation along with a social network for inspiration and support.

As you tick off tasks, you level up your avatar and gain things like battle armor, pets, magical skills, and more. Then fight monsters with other Habiticans and use the gold you earn to buy other rewards like watching an episode of your favorite TV show.

6. Best for Tracking Good and Bad Habits: Way of Life

If you like looking at charts and graphs of your progress, you'll love Way of Life. Select a target action and tell the app whether the action is good or bad for you.

You get daily reminders to enter what you did or didn't do to reach your goals. There is enough data over time to show you chains, bar graphs with trend lines, pie charts and all sorts of other nifty details