Raise your hand if you've ever neglected your self-care. (So that you know, we lift the left and right sides).

When it comes to self-care, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you go the meditation route, should you set growth goals, or is journaling the way to go?

Not to mention that making it a habit can be difficult when life gets in the way and motivation is low…

But don't worry! Living at the age of 2023 means we have technology on our side. And from yoga to guided meditation to coloring, there are apps designed for every self-care practice under the sun.

But which one is for you?

Here's a list of the apps we think are the best for #selfcare:


Journy feels like a game where you fight yourself. The goal is to achieve a long downhill run that you can manage by covering your goals. It should be as wide as possible. It takes a few months to fully implement another daily practice and also not to give up - it takes courage and if you are consistent it will work; whether it requires two or three businesses.

There are various things that can be moved. Journals can be used as a coordinator in building inclinations such as reliable pill use, exercise or diet adherence. It can additionally be used as an accomplice for people who are struggling with memory problems. When it comes to your obscenities, Journy can be a significant goal-tracking tool or a savvy notebook to help you kick vices like nail-biting and drinking alcohol and shockingly further your dating skills.

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Considered the #1 journaling app, Day 1 is an app that helps you make journaling a part of your life. Whether through photos, recorded messages, or plain old text, this app lets you document your life in any way you want. The Day One also has an eye for detail and a beautiful design, with functions to record the time and date, temperature and even a map of the places where you took notes. To keep track of your journaling habits, the app uses a calendar feature that also allows you to scroll through entries over time and track your progress. It's beautiful, and easy to use, and we love it.


Following the self-care mantra, Stop, Breathe & Think is next on our list. This app gives you a personalized deep meditation experience. Perfect for beginning meditators, Stop, Breathe & Think explains the practice of meditation, why we should meditate, and what it can bring to your life. The app recommends meditations, yoga videos and acupressure videos based on how you feel, with 34 free sessions. You can also choose how long you want these sessions to last, which is great for days with limited time. Otherwise, you can simply set a timer and sit in silence or listen to the natural forest environment to bring some mindfulness into your day.


If reducing stress and anxiety is your primary goal, Shine is the app for you. Consider Shine your own virtual mood booster that will send you daily motivational messages to help you get through the tough days. The app also lets you set personal goals and gives you access to an extensive array of self-improvement audio so you can focus on your personal growth.


Last but not least, Aloe Bud is a personal favorite and oh-so-cute. Acting as a “pocket self-care companion,” the app sends you gentle reminders to complete self-care tasks throughout the day, including reminders to hydrate, breathe, and move. With this little gem in your pocket, you'll be in touch with all aspects of your well-being and keep mindfulness at the top of your priority list.


In the most ironic of circumstances, Moment is a phone app designed to help you get off your phone. The app enables you to develop healthy phone habits so you can be more present in your daily life. Moment will track your phone usage and see what apps you use most throughout the day to give you a personalized "shut down" guide. The app also offers a coaching feature with daily exercises designed to reduce the time you spend on your phone so you can make time for your loved ones.