Anyone whose business relies on meeting with clients knows the trials and tribulations that await those in this sphere. It is a challenge to manage complicated schedules that are often extremely variable. As a rule, you not only need to coordinate clients and specialists, but also handle some emergency requests, reschedule someone at short notice or somehow compensate for no-shows. Such problems are typical and pressing for the cosmetic industry. This is why salon booking app development is able to help business owners and managers with proper automation of this complex manual work.

The global Salon Software market was valued at $340 million in 2017. It is expected to grow up to USD 690 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.5%. The USA and Europe occupy about one-third of the Salon Software consumption market in recent years.

The key vendors in the global Salon Software market are Millennium, Salon Iris, Booker, and Phorest Salon Software, which account for slightly more than 19% share of the global market.

Further in our article, we will share our ideas and experiences on how to run a salon with less headache and ease.

Meeting scheduling solutions

The rapid development of technology has provided today's business owners with many useful tools. Various types of salon management software and booking applications for businesses today allow booking, rescheduling and canceling appointments almost instantly. However, if you run a salon, spa, or beauty salon, you need a solution that works specifically for your industry. Current salon software products offer management of reservations, creation of timetables and scheduling of staff and clients in one place.

Admins are able to set parameters for when clients can book the services they need, based on business hours, time and date when staff or resources are available, whatever. At the same time, the software solutions prevent double booking and overbooking and provide the flexibility to block times when this or that service is not available.

Let's find out what features your ideal solution should have.

Key features of salon scheduling software

Booking from different platforms

Getting bookings from multiple platforms and devices is essential to run your business better and get more clients, so it's better to have a mobile solution for this purpose that syncs with Google Calendar.

CRM options

Having a website or creating a scheduling app is definitely not enough these days to improve workflow or run business with clients more efficiently. Therefore, CRM capabilities are inevitable to handle the above tasks. In addition, it will help you maintain customer satisfaction and promote your services better.

The right CRM system allows you to avoid double bookings, offer a selection of services at different locations, keep records of customers and scheduled appointments, as well as send alerts to clients and service providers.

Once your client wants to schedule an appointment, you should offer them to sign up, log in, and check available dates and rates. Consider providing an advanced search form with filters to allow each client to find exactly what they are looking for.

A good idea is to create a custom order form and add time and financial estimates to it so that the client can see how long the procedure would take and when the payment is due. Membership packages, loyalty and reward point applications can also be implemented into the pre-checkout booking process.

Integration of payment systems

Integrate as many payment options into your solution as possible to make the checkout process simple and seamless. Accept payments online either in full or as a partial deposit. It will help you get more clients and keep them.

Without a doubt, the safety and security of your business data should be your first priority, so make it a cornerstone.

Create an availability board and visualize your resources, statistics and activities for greater convenience, offer services in different locations and allow you to insert booking notes. Set up team roles and provide access to your software solution to all your partners and employees.


Once you have made a firm decision to purchase your own salon management software, contact the Moon Technolabs team. Our experts will make sure that the product you are going to develop reflects the most current needs of your target audience and we will do our best to create a state-of-the-art product for you.